Skal vi tage i IKEA?

Man behøver ikke at finde på de store eventyr og udflugter som vært for en amerikansk studerende. En tur i IKEA kan også gøre det!

Normalt reklamerer vi ikke for andre, men DIS Student Blogger Catherines (Caty) blogindlæg om turen i IKEA sammen med sin værtsfamilie er så muntert skrevet, at vi gør en undtagelse. Hendes historie er også et godt eksempel på, hvordan små øjeblikke i hverdagen kan gå hen og blive en stor oplevelse. Der skal slet ikke så meget til, som vi måske går og tror.

Caty studerer til daglig på Bowdoin College i Maine. I foråret 2018 læser hun Positive Psychology på DIS og bor hos en værtsfamilie i Tåstrup.

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Many Danes, such as my host family, do not keep a ton of bulky furniture in their homes. Instead, they buy cool statement pieces to place in their rooms, adhering to that minimalist aesthetic. Just look how cool these lamps are, for example!

Hej, Caty here!

I just returned home from a pilgrimage to the Scandinavian holy land: IKEA. And let me tell you, it lives up to the hype. What started as a shopping trip with my host family to find my host sister a new chair turned into an unforgettable experience that has completely sold me on Danish design (and living permanently in Copenhagen as well, let’s be honest). Even those who are not as enthralled by aesthetically pleasing interior design would be impressed by this place!

Med værtsfamilien i IKEA
On hunt for the perfect chair

The entire furniture section of the store is constructed as multiple mini rooms, so as you walk through the store, you essentially enter different rooms every minute! IKEA even has fully built and decorated “mini homes” of 50 square meters or 25 square meters for customers to walk through and get inspired.

Med værtsfamilien i IKEA
Take me to this house!

Many of the furniture pieces emphasize minimalism and functionalism, which commonly is demonstrated through geometric shapes and sleek surfaces. Many Danes, such as my host family, do not keep a ton of bulky furniture in their homes. Instead, they buy cool statement pieces to place in their rooms, adhering to that minimalist aesthetic. Just look how cool these lamps are, for example!

Med værtsfamilien i IKEA

The process of shopping at IKEA is relatively simple: once you find a furniture piece that you would like, you simply write down its serial number on a sheet of paper (or take a photo of the item) and then head down to HEAVEN! Ironic? I THINK NOT! The 0 Floor consists of every single piece of IKEA furniture in the store, all packed up in tiny boxes and bins and stacked to the ceiling. Customers descend in this heavenly warehouse and find the box that mirrors their piece’s serial number, and VOILA! They then head over to the registers where customers can also find yummy and inexpensive food once they’ve made their purchases. My host family and I each got a mini snegl, and I was very pleased and grateful for a little nibble!

Med værtsfamilien i IKEA
My mini snegl!
Med værtsfamilien i IKEA
Look at the possibilities!

IKEA’s prices are also very affordable, and its pieces have been recognized as being very high quality as well! You really do get the best bang for your buck here. Finally, at the store itself, homeowners can work with an IKEA employee to BUILD THEIR OWN KITCHEN OR BEDROOM for free, tailored to their every need! This option allows people to create their own space based on IKEA’s core concepts, the perfect compromise for those who want to “make their mark” in their home!

Phew, what a day!

Med værtsfamilien i IKEA
Taking a much needed break after all the walking

As you can see, I have seen the light, in more ways than one. Friends and family, prepare yourself to see many IKEA pieces in my future apartments/houses!!

Hej hej,


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