DIS-studerende løber til fordel for Kræftens Bekæmpelse  

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DIS-studerende Matt Masiello fra American University løb i søndags halvmaratonnet ”YOU RUN”. Matt havde startet sin egen indsamling til fordel for Kræftens Bekæmpelse. Motivationen til at løbe sit første halvmaraton fik Matt fra sin danske folkeshøjskole, hvor han bor:

“The opportunity to run in the half marathon was presented by my folkehøjskole, Grundtvigs Højskole. There were a few NGOs to choose from in which I could decide where my fundraising would go to and I chose the Danish Cancer Society for a couple reasons. On a somewhat coincidental note, my core course semester project (Public Health) involved research and interviews at the Danish Cancer Society, so I had that connection. Furthermore, I’ve worked at the American Cancer Society, and the Danish Cancer Society operates and works similarly, so I knew that the contributions would be going to a great organization doing wonderful work for cancer patients and their families”, siger Matt.

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Én af de sidste, men også bedste oplevelser hos DIS
Matt tager fag inden for Public Health, mens han er på DIS. Matt var glad for at have fået muligheden for støtte en god sag, inden semestret er slut. Han fortæller her om, hvordan søndagens lange løbetur gik:

“It was my first half marathon so I didn’t really know what to expect. That being said, I had a wonderful experience. It was a perfect Danish spring day and the route of the race took me to parts of the city I haven’t seen before, so that was awesome. I did beat the time I set for myself and my body isn’t that sore so maybe I could have done better! Regardless, it was definitely a highlight of my studying abroad experience.

DIS glæder sig over, at studerende tager aktivt del i både fællesskab og fundraising og har støttet Matt’s indsamling med 1.000 kr.

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