På toppen af Rundetårn, nu og dengang

At være Besøgsfamilie behøver ikke være kulturudveksling, der stopper efter fire måneder. Malene Lund og hendes familie har været Besøgsfamilie for nu fire DIS-studerende. De har stadig kontakt med dem alle, og indtil videre har de besøgt to af dem i USA. Familien har endda været heldige at få besøg af deres tidligere besøgsstuderende i København endnu engang. En inspirerende historie om, hvordan relationer kan vare ved og give nye oplevelser igen og igen.


A little story about our first DIS-student

– Malene Lund, Besøgsfamilie 

Three years ago we met with our first (out of 4) DIS student, Rachel from NY/USA. We met at Rundetårn (Round Tower) the very first time and had a wonderful 4 months doing all kinds of things together whenever possible. We visited different places in Copenhagen, went to Malmö, talked about traditions in Denmark and the States, ate Danish food (including of course ‘Rødgrød med fløde’, Smørrebrød and flødeboller etc). Rachels parents also visited her in Copenhagen and that also gave us a chance to meet these lovely people. We included Rachel in our family as much as possible – and got a long-lasting and close relationship in return.

Familien Lund på besøg i USA

Two month after Rachel left Copenhagen, we went to visit her and her family in New York and it was a great experience seeing the city with ‘the locals’.

A little more than a year later we went back to celebrate Halloween with Rachel and her family (and my oh my – do they celebrate!). This also gave us the opportunity to visit our 2nd DIS-student Frankie and her family in New Jersey – and we spent two half days with her.

“All in” på Halloween

This month Rachel came back to visit Copenhagen again with her friends – two of them from her DIS-time here. It was so much fun seeing her again – and meeting her friends. And of course we went back to the Round Tower to re-take our photo from our first meeting. I’m very hopeful we’ll see each other again in near future – and I feel very thankful that these young Americans have come into our lives!

I also want to add, that we’re also still in touch with Addie and Lizzie – our 3rd and 4th DIS student – and we’ve had so many good times with those two as well. We haven’t had the chance to visit them yet – but there’s no doubt we’ll try to arrange that as soon as it can work out!

I’m so glad our good friends introduced DIS to us – we’ve met so many sweet, interesting and lovely people through DIS!!

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